Poker  As one of the most popular games in the world, poker can be extremely easy to play. It can also be extremely hard depending on the kind of rules that you choose to play with. Most people tend to play a form of Texas hold’em, which is a very popular form of poker.

Many poker games come with their own rules, but the vast majority of poker games follow a similar gaming plan. While the number of cards dealt can change, most games begin with a set number of cards dealt face-up, with each player then given a number of cards of their own to begin with.

The vast majority of modern forms of poker will see one or more player going ahead with an enforced bet, known as a ‘blind’. When this happens, other players then bet based on what they think the hand of cards they are holding is worth.

The table moves around clockwise until it gets back to the first person. You have several choices, you can “call” the amount on the table, matching any added bets. Or you could even supersede that bet and add in more of your own money. You might simply choose your cards are not worth playing with and fold instead. The round continues until either everyone has folded, leaving one person, or the two remaining players put their cards on the table.

The winner is determined by those with the best cards. This could come in the form of a numerical run that pairs up with the cards that were dealt face-up by the dealer. The actual position of cards depends on the rules, but for the most part you want to try and match-up both numerical runs and the suits (hearts, spades, clubs, diamonds) as well. It’s fun, but tough!

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