Red Dog

Red Dog  When it comes to enjoying luck, we often look to little lucky superstitions – most of us see the colour red as lucky, for example. That’s why the hugely popular casino game of Red Dog can be so much fun for most people. When it comes to playing Red Dog, you will be happy to know that there is much opportunity to win here if you just play to have fun.

Chips are given out to all players at the start of the game, and then each player will place a singular chip in the central pot. Then, each player draws one card from a standard card deck. The player with the highest card will then deal first. The dealer will then hand out five cards, face down, to each player, one card per player at a time.

The player on the left is then able to bet as many chips as they like on the pot, while someone who does not wish to bet can forfeit a single chip into the pot. The bets being placed cannot exceed the number that is already in the pot. When a bet is placed, the dealer turns up the top card at the pack. The person who has bet must have a card of the same suit and of a higher rank to the card pulled out at the top.

If they do have a good enough card, then they take back their bet amount and also the equivalent amount from the pot. If the player has no card that meets the criteria, they show their entire hand and the amount of the bed is then added into the pot. The next player then bets/forfeits, until all players have placed a bet.

A game of Red Dog is won when there are no more chips left in the pot, and the player with the highest pot then wins.


Pachinko  Pachinko has become one of the largest parts of the gambling industry, and has become immensely popularised in large parts of Asia. It originates from Japan and has become both a recreational way to have fun and a form of high-stakes gambling. It’s very similar to slot machines, though it does carry that very peculiar range of changes.

Low-stakes pachinko machines are one of the very few forms of permitted (or at least ignored) forms of gambling that is permitted in Japan. The pachinko market makes up a massive part of the Japanese economy, with more gambling revenue made by the pachinko market than in Las Vegas, Singapore, and Macau all combined!

The actual system is somewhat odd, too. You need to take a number of metal balls that are given to you by your payment, and then you put the balls into the machine using a lever. The balls then fall through a host of different pins, levers, traps, and various other blockades. If it can reach the bottom of the machine, then you are going to be declared a winner for that round.

Other forms of pachinko also use a digital slot machine style solution, which means getting three or more symbols in a row to win the jackpot. However, each ball that is put into the system constitutes one spin, but you can only spin so many balls at one time.

Since every ball is equal to a number of points, you then take those points to a pachinko vendor and trade them in. It’s a rather confusing game if you have never played before, but like most games it simply takes 2-3 turns for you to quickly understand the way that it work and, frankly, how much fun you could be having with a pachinko machine!


Blackjack  When it comes to playing card-based games one of the most popular on the market today is Blackjack. Extremely easy to play and extremely fun due to its rapid pace, Blackjack is a great game to play alone or with friends. You also have the chance to get quite strategic, which can further add to the fun of the experience overall.

You will start off with a standard 52-deck of cards, though some casinos will use a six-deck game for even more variety in the cards. The rules of the game are simply; you need to beat the dealer by getting yourself as close to the number 21 as you can without going over 21. This means that you could land on 21, but not above it.

Cards go up in their value depending on the number, and it depends on the venue if an Ace card is worth either 1 or 11. You start off any game of Blackjack by putting down your cards, and then simply playing the game. You keep going until you have either reached a number you are happy with and want to go with, or you have exceeded the number 21.

It can be confusing at first, but the pace of the game basically means you just asking to be ‘hit’ with a card until you have taken all of the cards you can up to the closest number to 21. You can, of course, simply stop at any number and hope that you have the best score closest to 21 out of those involved.

While it can be a touch odd to start out, most players find that Blackjack is a highly satisfying game because it can be so simple to get to grips with the rules. Typically, the best way to get a Blacjack score (depending on where you play) is with a “picture” card such as a King and an Ace.

11, 12, 13

11, 12, 13