Backgammon  Looking for an easy way to have fun in the casino? Then you might wish to try out some backgammon. This comical and enjoyable game is one of the best of its kind for those who are looking for a quick two-player game. The rules are simple – you are given a board in front of you with 24 narrow triangles on the board. Each triangles change in colour and will be set up into four groups of six triangles per quadrant. They are known as the ‘home’ and ‘outer’ boards.

The home and outer boards are kept apart using a small ridge known as the Bar. The actual aim of the game is try and get all of the checkers that you have on the board into your own home board and then ‘bear them off’. The first person to actually bear off all of their checkers will win the game.

Each player has fifteen checkers in total to play with, and they will be laid out in a particular way, most commonly having two on the 24-point sector, five on the 13-point sector, three on the 8-point sector, and five on the 6-point sector.

You then have a pair of dice and a dice cup, with a pair of dice put in the cup and then shaken. The game starts once a particular throws one of their die, and this will determine who takes the first shot and the numbers which will be played. If you both get the same number, then you roll again until someone gets a different variation. The player with the highest number is then given the choice of moving their checker to the number shown on the two dice.

After roll one, each player rolls two die and takes it in turns. The roll of the dice determines how many points you are to move your checker. Checkers are always moving from a higher number to a lower number grid.

Once you have moved all of your home checkers into the home board, you can then ‘bear off’ which means you roll a number that corresponds to the point on where the checker presently is. You then remove that checker from the board.

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